The Critically acclaimed 2nd Album: THE EMERGENT SEA - 14 Original Songs plus two new versions of traditionals.

"A feast for the ears, mind and spirit," IME

Only when folk music is spiced with exotic sounds from the rest of the world does it transcend its roots and become vital again. Such is the case with Roman Rhodes and the Born Again Pagans, a band that uses folk as the first stroke of a paintbrush to realize their collage of jazz, psychedelic, and world music. There's no point in classifying them; it's best to swim in the wild waves of their latest album The Emergent Sea and surf on the layers of visionary storytelling.(Jazz Corner)

On the surface, Rhodes' work may recall the similarly sun-tanned acoustic pop of Jack Johnson; however, Rhodes is more adventurous and unpredictable, making listeners true believers of these Born Again Pagans.(Radio Indy)

 In a sense, the Pagans are the real Beach Boys because their songs truly capture the cleansing escapism provided by the surf. In a world enveloped by negativity and anger, the Pagans remind us of the beauty around us. (All About jazz)


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