The Pagans New Album: The Gods, The Gates and the Sweet Waters: V. RIVERS - 12 New Original songs, plus 3 bonus tracks.

Dedicated to Rivers all around the world: source of life, roots of civilisation, symbol of cornucopia, stream of consciousness and the journey out and back to the self. 

Rivers is a rich, deeply lyrical, multi-instrumented, powerful, mellow yet energetic, magically unified melange of Alternative Folk-Roots-World with Classic 60s Rock, Singer-songwriter, with Americana Country, Jazz, Pop & Blues highlights. 

Rivers,  first out of the Gods, Gates and Sweet Waters sextet, is the natural follow up to the critically acclaimed The Emergent Sea, called by IME “a feast for the ears, mind and spirit.”
"What ultimately makes Roman Rhodes and the Born Again Pagans' CD so effective is the cohesive, well balanced, and accessible music at its core." Radio Indy

 In RIVERS once again, the Pagans manage to weave together a world of sounds into a unique and united whole. With three Jazz talents on the album
--the wildly inspired winds master Paul Fleisher back on Sax and flutes,
Hawaiian composer-musician John Hulaton is back with his hauntingly smooth trumpet 

--and new Pagan jazz bassist Tetsuo Kondo 
RIVERS  perhaps has a more sultry swing to it than the more 60s rock flavoured Emergent Sea.  

 --strings specialist Atsushi Akazawa is back with his Celtic and Asian flair, 

 --drummer and Scottish punk rocker Moray Crawford once again provide a powerful rhythm section, and
 --Roman Rhodes ties it all together with his words, voice, dreams, guitars, keyboards, banjos and guitarlele. 

This is a rich album with a deep resonating vision.  Like the 2nd album it is dedicated to waters, this time the Sweet not the Salty, and it provides a both a mystical musical treat and a natural, environmental world view clothed as it should be in beauty and love.


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