10. Wandering Air

Roman Rhodes: Vocals, acoustic guitar & bass/ Reiko Daimon: Oboe/ Atsushi Akazawa: bouzouki
Words & Music Roman Rhodes


Wandering Air (Combines the traditional English & Irish, public domain tunes: She's Like a Swallow & The Clare Reel in to a new arrangement with original words.) She's like a river that runs so deep Mournful in mornings and cries in her sleep. I've tried to pull us up both on dry ground, but her sorrow's a swift current that drags us both down. I'm first to admit all of my own mistakes; I love far too easy, my heart tears and breaks-- a fair voice, a fair face, a fair mind within, and I'm carried away on a soft blowing wind. I've tried to heal her with my deepest true love, with visions of beauty below and above; I've shown her the spark of life lies deep inside, but she never could trust me since the one day I lied. Still you can't blame me for this heavy heart of hers. No weight have I carried so much on this earth. I've given my best years to lift her with care, but she just can't forgive my wanderin' air. I once was a strong man, they all used to say, so full of life, so giving, so willing to play, now I'm a bitter man and borne to despair for having both a true love and a wandering air. (Repeat first verse)


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