13. The Lack

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Roman Rhodes: Vocals, acoustic & lead guitars, bass & Reason redrum/
Words & Music Roman Rhodes


The Lack You’ll never know what you’ve lacked until you’ve truly loved. There are those within the city, who've never seen the stars above. If you don’t share your heart, won’t know what you’re thinking of. You’ll never be able to fly, if you don’t take that final shove There are timid men and women who never watched the sunrise From dew covered grass, between their lover’s thighs. Never knew the world well through another’s eyes, and are too afraid to smile, in case they’ll have to cry. You won’t miss the sea if you’ve never left inland, The sound of wind on waves and walks upon the strand, There are those within apartment blocks who’ve never held a hand. And you won’t be a woman ‘til you’ve had me for your man. You’ll never know true joy until you’ve felt deep pain. But if you fear the change, you’ll always stay the same. The mountains are dark and crowded to people brought up on the plain. But you’ll never know the dizzy heights ‘til you hike that kind of range. There are those so afraid of depth they always cling to what is trite. (Double lines: There are those so afraid of rot, they never taste the ripe/ There are those so afraid of wrong they never do what’s right. There are those so afraid of travel, they never see the sights/ Those so afraid of the valley of darkness they never reach the light. ) And you’ll never know you loved me ‘til you share my bed/heart tonight. Yeah, you'll never know you loved me, 'til you share my bed tonight. Tonight!


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