1. Ramblin' Girl

From the recording RIPE


Ramblin' Girl
1. Don't you worry my ramblin' girl, I won't try to fence in your world.
    I'm a rover just like you, and I need my freedom too.
  Rove on, ramble on, 
wake up in the morning and you'll be gone.
   I won't try to cling on, 
I got my own damn life  to work on. 
2. She's a fleur-de-lis from the Fleuve St. Laurent,
            I'm a trillium from up the Ottawa;
            a fresh water fish in a salty claw,
            shiniest pearl that I ever saw.
3. When we made love in her big brass bed,
            tore the rungs from toe to head.           
            Siren sings and the sailor goes down;
            I'm the happiest drowned man around.
(Repeat Chorus)
4. Gaspé girl from the fin du Monde
            left me for the world to roam.
            Don't bother me that I'm all alone;
            love's ten times as sweet when she does come home.
5. If you don't expect something,
            you'll be grateful for anything,
            want your love to be a diamond ring
            and you're gonna wind up with nothing.
 (Repeat Chorus)
 6. Didn't you ever learn yet?
            Gimme, gimme never gets!
            Just be happy that she let
            you lie in her arms as the sun set.
(Repeat Verse 1 and Chorus. End)
 December, 1994, St. Lazare.