Nothing is as it seem, especially when it comes  to relationships.   We should never judge others, because we rarely know the truth behind peoples' stories.  Even those involved do not always see or understand clearly what they are going through.


 The Way It Seems
© Roman Rhodes, 2011
The things that seemed good, I thought they would stay that way.
Things that seemed free now, woe is me, seems we have to pay.
Things that I was sure were right and pure turned out so wrong.
The dark of night that once gave me a fright             I now welcome on.
The pain and loss I have come across brought some deeper joy.
The things that were broken now seem but the tokens of a little boy.
The things that seemed wrong, later on proved alright.
And beauty was born from things that were torn and set alight.
And now I know that I am blind,
and have been this way a long, long time.
And all the rules and all the lines
thoughts within my mind are but a dream,
writ in water, we are fodder in this stream;
And nothing is the way things seem.
The things I’ve done-- number one: leaving you--
Scarred my soul, no longer whole, but what can I do?
Other ways did not appear before me then or now.
And it ain’t no life when you don’t know your own mind anyhow.
We met too young and you clung to some ideal of me.
And as I grew, you clung to the peel of me.
And skinned right bare, I flew new born aware to another shore.
I failed perhaps, but life is craps, or some game of that sort.
And now I know that I am blind,
and have been this way a long, long time.
And all the rules and all the lines
Are writ in the water of this stream.
And as I row my boat through this dream,
I realize: nothing is the way things seem.
Times I cheated you like you cheated me are the times we talked the best.
And the times I treated you so well, you treated me like hell, like the rest.
Sorry if I was confused, but there were times you abused me so.
My heart was bruised most by your refusal of my growth.
And now it seems I’m Mr. mean who left you all alone.
But we agreed in vows to always help the other’s seed grow.
In your fear, you forgot my dear and tried to control my life.
And my every dream became a scheme to leave you my wife.
But things aren’t what they seem! I still support your dreams.
In truth it’s really you who left me, When you tried to stop me being!                                                            
Now the spiritual books give me dirty looks and say I’m to blame.
But walk in my shoes and pay my dues and you’ll see a different game.
I tried my best, I failed and I left, but I still love thee.
And you just hate and blame your fate on me.
And now I know that you are blind,
For love once lived lasts for all time.
You’re out of sight but not out of mind.
So leave your hatred behind!
No reason we can’t be feeling fine
Go girl, go and chase your dreams
For nothing’s the way that it seems!