From the recording Rains 1

Written after a hike in the Adirondacks as I neared the end of a huge relationship.  I had been delving into Irish music a lot and this came out. 


Two Kinds of Dew
© Roman Rhodes 1996, new music 2016
1. Well I've been walking in the rain
     just to ease the grinding pain,           
            Head and bones soaked right through
            with two kinds --both mist & grain-- of that foggy mountain dew
 2. I got this tearin' in my soul
            heart and mind conflictin' goals
            So lost I don't know what do,
            So I take a sip of, take a stroll in that foggy mountain dew.
Chorus:  Times I feel so lost,
                        let the troubles of the world weigh down on me
                        I take a walk into the rain
                        let the waters of life wash me free.
                                    How you going to ease the pain,
                                    without drowning in the grain?
                                    Never let them tell you again,
                                    there ain't no magic in the world.
3.   I'm feeling like a ragged sponge
            just get full and then I'm wrung (dry)
            I got to start my life anew
            instead I pledge both lips and lungs to that foggy mountain dew.
4.   And if I can't fulfill my will,
            I think I'll build myself a still
            over on younder hill called blue,
            and drink & dance away the chills with two kinds of that :foggy mountain dew:
July 2nd 1996, St. Lazare.