1. Wanderin' Air

From the recording RIPE


She's like the river that runs so deep
Mournful in mornings and cries in her sleep.
I've tried to pull us up both on dry ground,
but her sorrow's a swift current that drags us both down.
I'm first to admit all of my own mistakes;
I love far too easy, my heart tears and breaks--
a fair voice, a fair face, a fair mind within,
and I'm carried away on a soft blowing wind.
I've tried to heal her with my deepest true love,
with visions of beauty below and above;
I've shown her the spark of life lies deep inside,
but she never could trust me since the one day I lied.
Still you can't blame me for this heavy heart of hers.
No weight have I carried so much on this earth.
I've given my best years to lift her with care,
but she just can't forgive my wanderin' air.
I once was a strong man, they all used to say,
so full of life, so giving, so willing to play,
now I'm a bitter man and borne to despair
for having both a true love and a wandering air.
(Repeat first verse)
Road to Montreal, fall 1995.