From the recording Rains 1

Sometimes it feels one is always putting out, but getting nothing back.  I am sure everyone has felt that way at times.   You give at home, at work, to friends, people rely on you, but no one seems to be there to give you love and support when you need it.  You don't need much, but a little bit of sweetness to help you on your way.  This song deals with that feeling.  


          Intro: Water this horse, this lonely horse.
It's a long, long lonely road,
and the stops get harder to find.
And every woman in the world
seems to be a student or a friend of mine.
I got no place to lay my head down;
I need some loving rest
But who shores up the shore
when the waves do break and crest?
Water this horse, this lonely horse. 
Oh tree of life oh tree oh love,
let me tether to you again
To get the strength for this journey
Across this desert plain.
Oh Nature's teat, don't retreat,
don't make me beg, borrow, pay, or explain;
Water this horse back to health complete,
and I'll be on my way again.
I've listened to everyone's story,
I've carried all their pain
But this old pack horse is thirsty
and needs to be watered again.
She said, “Ain't that what shores are for? 
To build our boats and be left?”
And wooden horses don't return,
They are gifts that break the best.
Repeat Chorus.
Outro:   If I don’t get water soon,
            I will die of course.