There's a place I'd like to take you, all your parents sons and daughters. It's a magic place that will heal you: the source of the Sweet Waters 

From the Sweet Waters, on the new Album Rains 1

Singer Songwriter Roman Rhodes with the Japan based Multicultural, Multinational Born Again Pagans.  Lyric Based Music with Meaning!

Folk-Roots West at its World Inspired Best.  Alternative World Roots:  Country-Celtic-60s Folk Rock-Jazz-Blues-Asian Fusion.    Unique, united and inspiring.    

"Tunes that celebrate life and nature with a keen inventiveness, both musically and lyrically...evokes...California coastline vistas on warm summer nights.  (Radio Indy)

"A feast for the ears, mind and spirit," (I.M.E)


"Like a flashing, shimmering silver wall Jumping like lightening up a waterfall...  Will clear you head like a forest fire,wake your mind with the waking dreams sparking like a real live wire... Will heal your mind and heal your soul, jump in it, drink it, it will make you whole."  From the Pagan Pope:  Roman Rhodes:  music to heal your soul "The Trees Once Grew High,"  The Emergent Sea,  2009


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