From the recording The Emergent Sea

First written as just Eclipse in St.Lazare 1994-6? after sitting out at night in minus 20 degrees weather to watch one. But the present words and music really came with the rewrite after 2nd Gulf war, 2003. The content speaks for itself. I was trying to get that Steve Miller Fly Like an Eagle & Serenade like sound. It became a regular performer immediately and once I tried it with flute and trumpet I knew it needed them but originally had a different sound in mind. . I was also aiming for Pink Floyd's Great Gig in the Sky sound in the climax, but obviously lack Clare Torry's vocal range and power. I still consider that one of the greatest vocal recordings in the history of music across all genres.


Eclipse of the Earth © Roman Rhodes, 2003
Between the sun and the earth Spun a silent silver moon The shadow cast upon our hearth Once thought us of our ruin  On this fragile orbit through space   The differences of culture, creed and race   Are so small as to not leave a trace;   We're here to learn to cooperate.
Between the sun and universe Walks this little blue-green earth, Are we under some stupid curse That we cannot see its fragile worth?   This tiny bios-sphere in space,   Chances are it can't be replaced.   In this spinning cosmic soup of rocks,  We never know when's the next shock.
It's easy that by some off chance This may be your last romance. Who knows when your life may end, Make every enemy your friend.    But darkened minds and darkened hearts    Rule this fragile earth of ours,    Leading us to endless stupid wars    All alone amongst the stars.
How can we teach them, These small-minded men of mars? How can we reach them, Through their thick minds and empty hearts? How can we stop them, Before they tear this world apart?
Tween golden Venus and red Mars Walks this blue green earth of ours. Why are we fighting these stupid wars All alone amongst the stars? All alone amongst the stars. All alone amongst the stars.