1. History

From the recording Rains 1

I work and communicate with people from every nation on the planet, those who know history always understand the ideas in this song and agree.  Those who don't need to be told.


© Roman Rhodes, 2015
We all gotta study history
if we want to reach the deep agree.
Only then can we really see
that we are all the same everyone.
Every race has practiced slavery.
Every culture has caused misery.
Every nation is guilty
of everything under the sun.
As long as you don’t see this truth,
you’ll carry on the cycle of abuse
Because you think that there is some use
in revenge for what’s been done.
Bridge:                        Oh!---I feel your pain. 
                        Enough to drive you insane.
                        But if you chase your tears and fears and the rain
                        You’re going to hit the ground again and again.
Chorus:   Sometimes you gotta fight, to put things right
               But use your brain if you want to survive!
               If we don’t get along, things will go so wrong
               There will be no one left alive.
               With the nuclear bombs it will be our last song
               The end of history and you and me and all that’s good and light---!
Now many of the crimes seem unforgivable
But it we don’t forgive, this life’s not livable.
And the cycle of vengeance makes all miserable.
There’s only one door out is to forgive and be done.
There’s only one true enemy,
The few who run the wars for greed.
They exist every single country.
They want to own or destroy everything under the sun.            Repeat Bridge
The great masses are not so bad
But stupidly they can be had
And led to fight each other for the cads
Who despise all life and every one.
So refuse to be a soldier man
Refuse to fight for the psychopaths
Join all together and lets us last
To see the sun rise again on everyone.                                     Repeat Chorus