I think the words speak for themselves.  In our modern self-help spirituality you always hear: "You shouldn't have regrets." But the reality is most people have them--probably all people do at some point in their lives: lovers rejected out of fear of consequences; people left or people who left or rejected us.  A million dreams and schemes and things we want to do but can never manage for whatever reasons. Regrets are a reality, the question is what do you do with them when you have them? I chose to write a song because that's my way of exercising my emotions. Art is often called a luxury in our age, but it has existed--as it seems from 70,000 year old cave paintings-- as long as there has been any kind of human consciousness. Indeed art always seems to arise most and at its best out of harsh environments. Art is a necessity, a tool we use to deal with various problems in life, like regrets. This is part one of the song, the second part will come out with the album RAINS.


Canyons of the Soul: Regrets© Roman Rhodes, 2009There are loves I’ve never had in the canyons of my soul.They linger in the shadows like a garden full of moles. They burrow in my longings and lay there hidden still.They chew the roots of calm and leave me unfulfilled.   There are loves I’ve left behind in the caves of my heart.They are blessed in my mind, but still I had to part.Their hurt is a hollow, like the shaft of a mineBored into my soul for some gold they couldn’t find.            Chorus:  There are sorrows and regrets and mistakes not made yet.              They disturb and make me fret, but I know I must let them all go.             When will the rains come? When will the winds blow?              When will the river run and cleanse this old arroyo?There are paths never taken in the Canyons of my past:Avoided, unknown, un-awakened, can I walk them all at last?Trails of curiosity, avenues of desire,Highways to fulfilment that promised to take me higher.