From the recording RIPE


Garden of the Hesperides
1. I've been waiting for a long time,
    to get back to that cozy little place so hard to find,
    where memories of all time,
    let us know that everything is going to be so fine.
2. Golden blossoms on the winter apple trees,
     clear Castalian waters on a warm summer breeze,
     dancing with the daughters of the Hesperides,
     naked and laughing by the lost Western seas of our souls.
Chorus 1:            Looking outside for what was within
                        take the time to laugh and you'll be feeling happy again.
3. I've been struggling for so many years
    with inner doubts and the imposed fears of this world:
    grinding gears and false seers, broken hearts and wasted tears,
    thinking all the time they might lead me back here to you.
Bridge: Chased the wheel around this earth,
            holding on to things of little worth.
            Now I'm back upon the sacred hearth
            of golden boughs and holy cows, solemn vows of my rebirth.
Chorus 2:             Never felt so rich as when I was poor,
                        never felt so lost as when I always wanted more.
 Instrumental (Repeat chorus 1 and verse 1)
 End:  :I've been waiting for a long time (ad lib)
Winter, 1996, St. Lazare, Quebec
c Roman Rhodes, 1996