Great News, We will be playing every month on the 2nd Saturday at Murphy's Irish Pub. Don't miss this it is always a great time!

New Review in Jazz Times! 

Check out the new review in Jazz Times by Graham Taylor. Nice!

All About Jazz Press Review 

The Emergent was very favorably review at All About Jazz .com by music writer Robert Sutton. Check it out at: Or on this site under reviews.

Venue mistake 

Please NOTE the band will be playing at Murphy's Irish Pub not FUBAR on the 18th of November. It's their 16th anniversary. and just around the corner from Fubar cheers

Music and the minotaur: Purity and Purifying in the Age of Information Overload 

Making Music in the 21st century, you gotta be pure and you gotta not care about success. There are simply too many great musicians doing great stuff out there. And there are so many ones who don’t really cut the cake who make it to the place where they get to eat it and have it both ways. I’ve listened to musicians in Ireland, Cuba, Japan who blow away anything on the big stages now, but they are respectively playing in little pubs for a pint, on the street for a dime, or actually paying a club…

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Please note Calendar date change-- Next Bosu live was supposed to be September 12th--that's Sunday not monday the 20th! Sorry for the mix up

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Roman Rhodes & The Born Again Pagans

Had a great night with people from all over the US, Ex-pats, students, enjoying the last wild night before school starts. Great people, great beer, and great music.

January 31st is the Anniversary of the 13th Amendment of the U.S. abolishing slavery. As Pagans we celebrate the freedom and respect the rights of all peoples. Come celebrate this historic day with us at the Blarney Stone, where travelers from around the world mingle, mix and drink to music, freely and equally.

Pagans Lineup:
Moray Crawford: Drums;
Kim Kanel: Harmonica & Vocals;
Koji Masuda: Lead Guitar;
Roman Rhodes: Vocals & Acoustic Guitar;
Mark Williams: Bass.

In January one should celebrate the return of the Sun as they do in Patras, Greece on January 17th, with the thousands of years old carnival of the sun, a festival of dancing, drinking, treasure hunting and merry making. It ends with the Burning of the King. There are kings in need of burning! Come merry make, dance, drink and celebrate with the Pagans at the Blarney Stone!

Lineup: Moray Crawford: Drums;
Kim Kanel: Harmonica, Vocals;
Koji Masuda: Lead Guitar;
Roman Rhodes: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar;
Mark Williams: Bass

See Roman and the Pagans also at: