2. A Brautigan Blog on the Indra-Net. 

 A Brautigan Blog on the IndraNet:
(Overcoming self-censorship.  Raison de Bloger Part 1).

    In his novel, The Abortion: An Historical Romance(1966), Richard Brautigan (1935-1984) imagined a library where anyone could submit their manuscripts as long as they were unpublished.  The library welcomed the “unwanted, lyrical and haunted volumes of American writing.”  The books were then kept for posterity, shelved between large jars of Mayonnaise.   It was a wonderfully democratic notion, in which one could…

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1. Takatsuki Jazz Street 2014: The Open Festival: A Celebration for & by the 99%. 

When the elites don't control, there's joy for the whole.  

  (Jazz Street 2014. Roman Rhodes in Takatsuki, Photo:Jon Davis)

     Held annually in the glorious Golden week in Japan, with May Sunshine, and holiday festiveness in the air, the Takatsuki Jazz Street has become the largest jazz festival in Japan. This year the 16th annual festival, reached new attendance heights with 754 bands performing on 54 stages over two days.  There is such a demand that copy cat, add on and overflow festivals have been…

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Roman Rhodes & The Born Again Pagans

Had a great night with people from all over the US, Ex-pats, students, enjoying the last wild night before school starts. Great people, great beer, and great music.

January 31st is the Anniversary of the 13th Amendment of the U.S. abolishing slavery. As Pagans we celebrate the freedom and respect the rights of all peoples. Come celebrate this historic day with us at the Blarney Stone, where travelers from around the world mingle, mix and drink to music, freely and equally.

Pagans Lineup:
Moray Crawford: Drums;
Kim Kanel: Harmonica & Vocals;
Koji Masuda: Lead Guitar;
Roman Rhodes: Vocals & Acoustic Guitar;
Mark Williams: Bass.

In January one should celebrate the return of the Sun as they do in Patras, Greece on January 17th, with the thousands of years old carnival of the sun, a festival of dancing, drinking, treasure hunting and merry making. It ends with the Burning of the King. There are kings in need of burning! Come merry make, dance, drink and celebrate with the Pagans at the Blarney Stone!

Lineup: Moray Crawford: Drums;
Kim Kanel: Harmonica, Vocals;
Koji Masuda: Lead Guitar;
Roman Rhodes: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar;
Mark Williams: Bass

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