Upcoming Events: April 27th , 2024. ALoft Hotel Dojima

Roman Rhodes

Celebrate the return of the coming of Golden week

Roman Rhodes solo at Aloft bar WXYZ.   April 27th, 2024

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They say it's my birthday, but in Japan it is National Cat Day, due to 2, 22 Nyan Nyan Nyan . Meow! Come on down to the Blarney for a grand party whatever you are celebrating. There will be great music, frothing beers and lovely people from all around the world.

Fall is here, the Equinox just passed, but the Pagans are still orbiting, shining light through music next Saturday September 30th at the Blarney Stone in Shinsaibashi. join us for great people, beer, and of course, music! From 9-11 pm. Free of charge.