1. Rivers of Love

The muse was very kind, and this one just popped out, starting with a little country riff, and the first line came and immediately I knew had to add it to the Rivers album.  That was just as I was finishing the album up with no time to get musicians back in to the studio, that 's why I ended up playing everything.  Moray added the harmonica by recording at home and mailing the file via internet.


Rivers of Love© Roman Rhodes, 2014
Only rivers of love can be saving us now.Hope this little song of mine reaches you somehow.Touches your hearts and make you see:Without the earth we cannot be;Gives us life with every breath we breathe,Treat her like a deity.Wake up each day and take a vow.To protect and cherish this golden boughAll the food you eat, the water you drink,Comes from the teat of this holy cow!We’ve made such a mess with all our greed.Soils of poison and waters that bleed.Clean it up or we’re chow.Only rivers of love will be saving us now.
We’ve got to change our basic creed.We take too much, yet leave millions in need.Treat all as one great family,We need to plant the loving seed.
Cause war will only be our end.Turn you enemies to friends. Turn your fights into powwows.Only rivers of love will be saving us now.
Cause war will make us all extinct.You know were trembling on the brinkTurn your weapons into ploughs,Only rivers of love will be saving us now. 
End: Only rivers of love will be saving us now.