1. Rivers Run

Nice to end on a very born again and again pagan song about the nature of life and death, metamorphoses.  


Rivers Run©Roman Rhodes, 2006Rivers run down mountains.Rivers run to the sea.Run in evaporationAnd in clouds above you & me.Rivers run in rainAnd run in rivers again.And spirits run like rivers runIn streams of constant change.
Spirits run in bodies,In breath and word and names.Spirits run in familiesIn strands of D.N.A.In animals, rocks & trees;in smiles & laughter.And gods run like sprits run:In everything and ever-after.Gods run in histories,In emotions and ideas.And Gods run in energiesLike winds through oak leaves;Like strings of electricity;Like currents in your brain.And rivers run like gods run:Through elements like rain.
Rivers down mountains.Spirits run to the sea.Gods run in evaporationall around you & me.They run in rain.And run in rivers again.And everything is eternal:Only external forms change.: