This song was actually inspired by a stunning newspaper photo of a river in northern Japan, snaking through dark mountain sides at night, mist rising silver in the moonlight, a temple with candle-lit lanterns on the riverbank, though it speaks to all the emotions of loneliness and need that most people have felt at some point in their life.  Some always. Tanabata is a Japanese festival on the 7th of July, based on the myth of two lovers who live on different sides of the milky way and can only meet once a year when the bridge of stars links their world and ours.  If it rains or is cloudy they cannot meet that year.  People write their wishes on paper and tie them to trees, or the things they wish to rid of from their lives.  So it is a festival, in a way, of longing and leaving behind. The silver river can be the milky way, or it can be silver as in quick silver, or mercury, the medieval symbol of life.  So silver rivers refers to the river of one's life, one's path or way, and the river in this song has multiple meanings,  a real river which inspired a photographer who inspired me. The river of stars or longing symbolised by Tanabata, and the river journey of one's own life.


Silver Rivers (Tanabata)© Roman Rhodes, 2011
Silver Rivers snake down mountains at night.Mist rises mysterious in the cool moonlight. Hills silhouetted against the river of stars.A town lit on the riverbanks, houses, temples, bars.             Do you know where you are? Do you know who you are? 
Weaving blind down to the sea, the mouth, the bite. Dark waters rolling darker in the city of lights.Beneath these cool waters, algae, jetsam stone and sand.The life of another lost and drowning man.         Do you know who I am?        Any idea who I am?Chorus            And we all need some loving on the go.            We all need some loving as we roll                       Down this silver river of life.            Won’t you be my lover for tonight?Tonight is Tanabata, the 7th of July.I’ve waited all year for this night to come on by.The river of stars is so clear in the sky.           Come on take my hand and let us unite!         Do you know who we are?         We’re all shining stars!Bridge:   The sky’s so big, it goes ever on.   I feel so alone most the time, why?  What’s wrong?   I’ve got all I need, yet this emptiness carries on.   Why do you hold back the river of love for so long?Chorus 2:           And we all need some loving so let it flow!           We all need some loving come on let's go!           Let’s float together down this river of life!           Won’t you be my lover for tonight.