Amaterasu is the Japanese Sun Goddess.  There is a story in which her brother the wind, Susanoo, upsets her and she hides in a cave and won't come out.  Many believe this is an ancient depiction of a solar eclipse.  To get her out, the gods stage a bawdy play, in which the Goddess of Mirth, Uzume,  dances naked or lifts her Kimono and shows herself, causing the gods to laugh so hard, Amaterasu is enticed to come out and see what is going on.  She tries to sneak a peak, but the gods had rolled a huge bronze mirror across the cave , so that she is blinded by looking at herself.  The gods then drag her out.  This is part one of the song, the second part will come out with the Gods or Rains album.  In part one, The Pass By, is an unrequited love song, a man speaks of all the fun they might have together to a woman who is "hiding in her cave" holding on to past hurt, like Hank William's song Cold, Cold Heart. She however, chooses to pass him by, though the orbits of their lives have brought them together. 


The Orbit: Part 1: The Pass By(Amaterasu: Eclipse of the Sun)© Roman Rhodes, 2012
When you coming down the to rainbow?When you gonna play in the sun?When will you realise the darkness touches everyone?
There ain’t no use crying about the night time, the way the earth spins around itself.There ain’t no use crying about the shite times, think of something else.
When you coming down to the waterfall?When you gonna jump in the stream?When will you swim in the lake, my love?When will you know what I mean?
There ain’t no use in crying about the spinning of the earth around the sun.There ain’t no use in  crying about the winterand when it comes.
And if the heavens can not rain for ever and a day,Why do you think your tears and pain will never go away?
Now I’m kneeling in the dojo, trying to find the mojo  I left behind.The cold hard floor pains my feet, out side is rain and sleet,But inside this pain suits me fine.Helps focus my mind and face the walls and the grind.
And I want you to fly with me  this long night in my armsIt don’t matter what others are thinking, we’re not doing any harm.If we make each other happy what does it matter what we do?As long as it is mutual, ain’t nobody’s business but me and you.In the morning you can walk, and I can too.