Have had this quirky little song for years, tinkering with it.  Not sure where it came from.  Pulled it out of the dream, mood-closet.  Obviously plays on row, row , row your boat's theme.  But also Leibniz concept of the universe made up of monads (indivisible atom like structures) and their interrelations or perceptions of each other.  


Way down the Merry River© Roman Rhodes, 2008Way down the Merry RiverAlong the needy shoals,I lost sight of my selfAnd rowed for petty goals.Way down the Merry river,where the body becomes a bowl,Where the bowl becomes the ocean,And the sky becomes the soul. I've marched through all the marshes.I've bent around all the bends.I've pined "how soon it's all over!"And whined, "when does it ever end?"Chorus 1So row, row, row, or else you're gonna drown.Go, go, go or fear will only take you down.Know, know, know, your little self at last.Be, be, be before the journey's past.(Instrumental) Splash, splash, splash: see your little world at last.
Dream a dream inside a dreamof a dream of a dream of a dream.Breathe your breath to your level-headed best.Still, nothing's as it seems.I wake to find a world of symbols and signs that can tellMe anything I want them to: is this heaven or hell?The best of all possible world's: it's true as long as you understand,Perception is at the heart of everything, between the salt water and the sand.Chorus 2So row, row, row your boat and watch it all disappear.Merrily, merrily, consciously, warily: nothing's ever here.So row, row, row your boat down this little stream.And know, know, know yourself, nothing's as it seems.
Way down the Merry River the one is always near.