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WeBase 京都, Iwatoyama 436-1, Kyoto, Kyoto

Obon is the the festival of the dead. Time to worship ancestors and celebrate life. Come with celebrate with the pagans and learn the Bon Odori (Dance of the spirits) from the We Base staff. We Base puts on a great spread and travellers from around the world gather and meet among good food and music. Introduced by the band Shrine--Roman's second band with Reika Kawakami on Cello, Sado Fumihiko on violin, and Nori-shun Tsujimori on drums. Then part time pagans and full-time professional jazz musicians Kondo Tetuso, Larry Ransome will join Roman for a special pagan performance.

Fumihiko Sado: Violin
Tetsuo Kondo: Bass
Larry Ransome: Jembe
Roman Rhodes: Guitar, Vocals.