Rains 1

Roman Rhodes and the Born Again Pagans

Singer Songwriter World-Folk: North Americana combining a unique blend of Asian, African and Western instruments and melodies with powerful 60s folk-rock, lyric based songs, best summed up as Alternative World Roots.

Rains Themes From Dylan’s A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall, or CCR’S Who’ll Stop the Rain?, rain has had a political connotation in western folk and rock music. But like the title of the backdrop to the cover, Zhang Yucai’s masterpiece Beneficent Rain, rains are also giving and healing. Think of the Loving Spoonful’s Rain on Roof or Prince’s Purple Rain. Rain gives life, fills our rivers and lakes, and waters our gardens. Rains are both the sweet life giving waters and the destructive flood-makers. This album pays tribute to both these roles, taking up old political themes, trying to waken the revolutionary spirit of the 60s by clearly labeling the disruptive forces in our society: the arms dealers, power brokers, and ultra rich, as the demonic dragons of destruction, while simultaneously referring to the power of our own hearts to heal and grow with The Sweet Waters of love. And of course there are the themes of rain and heartbreak: The Eurythmics’ call for love, Here Comes the Rain Again, or rainless and lack of love: The Dire Straits, Water of Love, are natural themes that cannot be ignored. All these themes emerge naturally in the songs of Rains 1.

The Band The Born Again Pagans are a loose group of musicians from all over the world, who live, work and play weekly in bars and halls of the Kansai Area of Japan.
The musicians on the album are: Roman Rhodes: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Banjo: is the singer songwriter for the band. From Quebec, Canada-Kyoto Japan Frank Daulton: Bass: From St.Louis -Shiga, Japan & New Zealand Tim Wiltshire: Electric Guitars, Slide Guitar Banjo. West Virginia- Yonago, Japan Larry Ransome: Jembe, Percussion. New York NY-Kyoto, Japan. Takahashi Koba: Erhu: Osaka, Japan Christopher Fryman: Trumpet: England-Canada-Borneo- Kyoto Japan John Hulaton: Trumpet: Hawaii - Nara Japan Chika Togashi: backing vocals: Akita, Japan Mark Williams : Bass on track 5 London, Osaka Japan

The Live BAND include Moray Crawford, Edinburgh, Scotland - Osaka Japan Kim Kanel: Harmonica, vocals, LA - Osaka Japan Ted Ostis: Electric Guitar: Boston- Osaka Japan Frank Daulton and Roman Rhodes

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