From the recording Rains 1

Part I of II long songs about the wealth/wealthy and blind energy policies destroying our planet.  A pretty dark song that Bassist Mark Williams greatly improved one day in the studio by suggesting and up lifting ending which he penned words for.  I then added the new music and we pulled it off that day in the studio.   I think he made it work better as a song. 


© Roman Rhodes, 2014, End with Mark Williams © 2016
Rainy day meltdown: This kind of toil is making our world spoil.
Rainy day meltdown: This kind of oil is making our world boil.
Though we need both work and fuel we shouldn’t as a rule crap on our hearth
Though it seems like a boon, its bringing us our ruin and a curse.
  Warming the whole earth, shortening the verse of our lives.
  We’ve planted the death seed, in this blue beauty that we need to survive!
  Why won’t you listen to common sense? Back up by the latest science.
  The death you create includes your own,
  How can you destroy your only home, are you so dense?
  All your wealth and power can disappear within an hour
  Once the end does commence, still you light the fuse
  That will turn all our beauty in blues.
Rainy day meltdown: this kind of radiation, don’t make you smile.
Rainy day meltdown: this kind of rad will be here for a while.
If you’re standing on a mountain top, or doing a belly flop in the sun,
You’re getting plenty of rad, but the kind that is warm and fun.
 This kind of rad makes you sick deep in the bone.
 This kind of rad will make you leave your home.
 The alternatives you reject For the mega projects that make you king.
 Is it just that you are blind, or do you truly not mind destroying everything?
 We could make this world so nice, for everyone a paradise, but this you refuse,                                                      
 For your psychopathic greed, you’ll make the whole world bleed and bruise.
 But you take more than you need,
 And your greed is turning all this beauty into blues.
But you're like the rain,
and you're sure to fall.
And that's when we will rise
and turn all your blues into blue skies.
 into blue skies.(2x)